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Downloading multiple files using PowerShell ISE

Downloading multiple files using PowerShell ISE

The Problem

More than once we have to bulk download specific files from our host (simple http requests), at this point nothing out of reach if you just navigate & download the target file using your browser, right? Well, but if you need to download, let’s say 100 files maybe that solution will become unpractical.

The Solution

Using Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) looks like a little brutal but is highly efficient and easy to mold to this kind of problem. So for start you should have this already installed -dho-, if not, mmm… maybe in another tutorial we’ll get to that, for now please go ask Google.

For demo purposes, let’s suppose this is our list of files to download:

Now our script should look like the next:

Check always if your target folder exist before running the script.

Now you’re ready to download your files, just press F5 (Run) and you should see the files at your target folder.



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